Monday, February 5, 2007

February 10th Guild Meeting At Sharon's House

Jean called me and asked to find another site for Sat. I volunteered. E-mail Cindy D or Judy for directions if you need them.

Give me any information you have on Spring activities or road trips for ourselves and the NHA newsletter.

Give your dues to anyone coming to the meeting so we can get caught up. (I am guilty
also!) ................Sharon

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sandy chatelle said...

Hello Guild Members!

The Coventry Historical Society
will rent their hall to us for
$10 per hour. It will only cost the
guild $5 per hour and I will donate
the other $5. The hours will be
from 1-4 p.m.. It has all the facilities and the Society is interested in finding out more about this historical craft as they
have many events as well.
Their hall is located at the "Old
Summit Baptist Church" in Greene.
I have booked the June meeting
there as well. The month of May is
very busy. Should we hold a meeting
in May?