Wednesday, October 10, 2007

October Guild Meeting

Just a reminder that the Guild Meeting is this Saturday, October 13th at Jean L's house. If you need directions contact Cindy.

Remember the fleece from Barbara T's sheep that we all received to process and spin. Saturday is the day of reckoning. Bring what you have done...............finished or unfinished so we can share your results.

Looking forward to seeing what singles, yarn or finished item you have for show and tell!

Friday, August 31, 2007

September's Guild Meeting is on Third Saturday

The next guild meeting is at the Harvest Fair at Coggeshall farm on
September 15th. Jean mentioned that "normally we do bring goodies but this one is optional as there will be food vendors there. The farm is located in Bristol off Rt 119S."

Monday, June 11, 2007

Spin Guild Meeting Stars

Our June meeting was a wet one weatherwise, but we had a good time as always. Carol R was spinnning on her Schacht. Jenny P is spinning the fiber challenge fleece using her Golding spindle. Rebecca is also spinning some colorful roving on her Golding. She also has been making socks on a sock making machine. Renay is carding her challenge fleece. Beth is spinnning some gorgeous wool roving as well.

Thanks for the rhubarb, Marie...................I made a delicious rhubarb crisp on Sunday and ate half of it!!!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

First Annual RI Sheep and Wool Festival

What a special day indeed!Thanks to all who made it happen......

Monday, May 14, 2007

Watson Farm Sheep Shearing

A great day was had by all at Watson Farm last weekend. The farm was teaming with fellow fleece lovers and families strolling through the farm enjoying the baby chicks ,lambs and sheep shearing. I was very happy to note that they now own two Jacob sheep.

Several guild members Carol R, Beth,Renay, Marva, Marie, and Sandy and myself demonstrated spinning with wheels and spindles. Beth demonstrated carding. Another woman demonstrated spinning flax. Jean had a table full of felted figures on display.

Check out the video of me trying to decide which fleece to buy.Thankfully I resisted the purchase; I have several fleeces already as you may know!

REMINDER: This Saturday,May 19th is the RI Sheep and Wool Festival at Coggeshall Farm in Bristol RI.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Demonstrate at Gilbert Stuart Birthplace & Museum

Members of the Rhode Island Spinners Guild are invited to demonstrate on the Opening Day at the Gilbert Stuart Birthplace & Museum. Last year a group of us organized a mini- fleece to scarf demo. Many people stopped to watch and ask questions and the guild was well-received by the attendees. This year's event will feature the operation of the Hammond Gristmill for the first time in 100 years. There will be fisheries biologists on hand to explain the herring migration and the fish ladder on the property, tours, the nature trail will be open, Woodworkers Guild of RI will be selling items and jonnycakes for sale!! The date of the event will be Sunday, May 6 between 1pm and 4pm. (Set-up will probably happen earlier). Period costume is welcome but not required. For more details contact David or Richard.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

April Meeting Notes

Our thanks go to Sandy for arranging the meeting. I think everyone agreed that we had a good meeting and a wonderful afternoon.

For those of you who missed the meeting, here are Beth's notes:

Meeting RISGuild

April 14, 2007

1. Thank you to Sandy for finding meeting place

2. Treasurer report

a. 23 paid members (more added at meeting)

b. $1,+ in account

c. Pay Sandy for hall use

3. Newsletter will have paid through year on labels

a. Continue to run newsletter and blog site for 1 year. May phase out newsletter.

4. Marie working on hand out for events

a. She came in later in meeting and copies will be made to be used at events. To include internet info as well.

5. Heather’s sheep shearing is May 12 and we will have next meeting there

6. Guilbert Stuart spin demo is May 6 1-4 PM

7. Coggeshall farm is May 29 with lots to do

8. Privacy issues discussed in relation to blog and internet use. What is posted is open to the public so no last names and be respectful of privacy. No addresses etc.

9. Board was decided on for organization

a. Treasurer is Renay

b. Secretary/newsletter is Beth

c. Cindy D board member 1 year

d. Sandy C board member 2 years

e. Sharon S board member 3 years

Board members will be rotated yearly and term will be 3 years (calendar years start Jan 1 and end Dec 31). Business meetings shall be arranged as needed.

10. Fiber direction. Judy orchestrated a fiber challenge. We each received a bag a raw fleece from Barbara T’s. We have until Sept to prepare, spin and make something from the fiber. We should be able to share our techniques and thoughts on the fiber.

11. Meeting list

a. May 12th Watson farm shearing day

b. June 12th Coventry historical society

c. July 14th Casey Farm (may be able to sell products)

d. August 15-19th Washington County Fair

Friday, April 13, 2007

Saturday's Meeting!!

Don't forget tomorrow's meeting. Tuesday night I picked up two beautiful Border Leicester fleeces from Barbara Thompson. One is white, the other black. I've got them packaged up so that each of our members can take some home to process and spin. There are nearly 5 ounces in every bag. It will be interesting to see what each person does with it. I wonder how many have spun BL before, who will spin it in the grease, from the locks, card it together? What will we learn from one another? Let's use this as a jumping board to get some new ideas.

Also, please remember to bring any old cd's that you may have to use to make spindles.

For directions to the meeting, click here. See you!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sheep Shearing Watson Farm May 12th

Heather M is having her shearing day at WatsonFarm with fun and frolic on Sat. May 12,from 12 to 4 PM. She welcomes any spinners interested in coming.

A visit to Watson Farm on shearing day is great fun. Sheep are plentiful as well as fine fleeces, roving and yarn. We pack a lunch, bring a chair and spinning equipment to enjoy the day.

Monday, March 26, 2007

RI Wool And Fiber Festival Meeting March 26th

RI Wool and Fiber Festival Meeting
March 26, 2007
Coggeshall Farm Museum Office

1. Sign in
2. Updates from Chair
Flyer and vendor mailing- Linda R
Post card- Linda R
Vendors- Linda R

3. Action items:
For those groups who were going to meet between meetings - please be prepared to report out on your groups
Kids tent/activities- Joyce Barton, Chris, Polly and Sandy
Spinning/knitty noddy contest- Heidi
2nd Hand Fiber tool sale- Leslie and Lisa
Animal Health Issues rules and regs- Ann (to forward info to Linda R)
Rhody Warm- Polly?/Barbara
Cravero's- Quilting

4. What do people need for their components
a. # volunteers
b. supplies
c.What is the process?- linda
5. Concerns, questions

6. Next steps- what are the deliverables.

7. Comfirmation of next meeting dates


Contact Linda R for Excel Worksheet of things to do

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

April Meeting & RI wool and fiber festival

this note from Sandy regarding April's meeting:

Saturday, April 14 from 1-4 p.m.
Directions to Coventry Historical Society
From North
go 102 South through Coventry to four way intersection of 117 and 102. Bear right and immediate left.There
is an old Summit General sign on your right. Go around the bend and you'll see and old white church. The
guild sign will be in the lot.
From South
go 102 North through Coventry to the four way intersection of 117 and 102. Bear left and another immediate
left. Then follow the above.
You can follow 117 from Warwick as well into Coventry and keep going straight until you hit 102, then
cross over 102 and take immediate left.
Bring a goody to share. Tea and coffee will be there.
There will, also, be a swap table for anyone wishing to thin out their stash or add to it!
If anyone has any unwanted CD's, please bring them. We will be assembling spindles for the Coggeshall
fair. I will bring the grommets, dowels and hooks.
We would like to make as many as we can, so those at the fair, who are interested in making a small donation to the farm, may take them home with a little roving.

Meeting reminder and confirmation for RI wool and fiber festival committee for March 26th 7pm at the Coggeshall Farm Museum.
Meetings scheduled for March 26th at 7pm at the Coggeshall Farm Museum.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Under the weather

The Guild has sent Get Well Soon flowers to member Carole Finger and her beloved Max. We hope to see her at meetings again soon!

Friday, March 16, 2007

URI Textile Visit Was a Success

Last Saturday about 12 guild members enjoyed Margaret Ordonez's URI TextileTour. We began the visit with information about URI's textile program. Magaret told us about the conservation work that is done in her department and showed us samples of the work. Next we visited some of the classrooms which contained looms, fabric samples, and large quantities of textiles. The pictures say much more then I can about the wonderful examples of textiles from the 17th 18th and 19th centuries as well as the recent past. I welcome other members to post about their experiences.

Friday, March 9, 2007

URI Textile Tour Saturday March 10th Another Update

Hello all.....I spoke to Margaret Ordonez last night. She said along with touring the textile collection she will be showing us some special textiles. She suggested we bring a textile, yarn or fiber we might like to view under the microscope. I told her we would be there for 1pm.

Margaret also thought that there may *not *be a booth attendant at the Information center so find the closest parking lot next to Ranger Rd and walk to the Quinn Building, 3rd floor, Rm 306

We will also be able to knit or spin in a room that will be available that day. Feel free to take your fiber tools if you so desire.

Hope to see you there..................Cindy

Monday, March 5, 2007

Directions to Coggshall Farm Meeting 7pm March 5th

Here are the directions from Linda to Coggeshell Farm if you plan to attend the 7pm meeting tonight for the RI sheep and Wool Festival...Cindy

From Rt 195. Take the route 114 south exit towards Barrington.. Follow 114 south thru Barrington and Warren heading towards Bristol.(Main Street in Warren becomes Hope Street in Bristol). Key land marks for when you are getting close.... Major intersection with stores on left (Seabra market- Newport Bank-Dunkin donuts). Cont straight thru that traffic light con't on Rt 114 S . You will come to another traffic light at the entrance to Colt state park- Con't to go straight. The next traffic light is at Chestnut street. Cont to go Straight. A mile or less down the road you will see a sign for Coggeshall Farm on the Rt hand side of the road. Take this right- this is Poppasquash Rd. Follow the road around the harbor. Landmarks that you will pass...Bristol Marina/OSA Kayaks on left- con't around the bend.. Bristol Yacht Club will be on your left. Go slow as you con't down the road- you will see a break in the rock wall with a small sign that says Coggeshall Farm.. Drive down this lane (very dark) until you see the Farm house on the left- there is a large street light. There is a small parking area on the right.. Please make certain that the road is passible when you park- Cars use that road to get to Poppasquash Rd.

Monday, February 26, 2007

RI Wool & Fiber Festival

RI Wool & Fiber Festival meeting canceled for tonight. Date changed to March 5th.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

RI Wool And Fiber Festival Meeting

Linda R., one of our RISG members is part of an  effort to create a RI Wool and Fiber Festival for next year. See this link for earlier posts on this blog concerning the festival.

Interested in attending the meeting? See details below:

RI Wool And Fiber Festival Meeting Reminder- Coggeshall Farm-
there will be a meeting at Coggeshall Farm Museum on Monday evening at 7 pm on Feb 26th.. we'll have the fire going. BRING A FRIEND.. (it helps in keeping warm ;-).
You will need some files if you are attending.Please email Cindy D for those documents.

Civil War Shawl Knitalong
Interested in a Civil War Shawl Knitalong? Go to this site for details. The pattern is in the
Cast On Winter /Spring issue 2001 or you can purchase the pattern from its creator:

Suzanne Pufpaff at:

or send $6.00 in US funds to:
Suzanne Pufpaff
5038 E. M79 Hwy
Nashville, MI 49073

Monday, February 19, 2007

March 10thTextile Collection Tour Update

Hello Spinsisters and brothers......We are looking forward to our visit to URI on March 10th from 1-4pm. Margaret Ordonez will be giving us a short tour of the collection.

We will also be able to knit or spin in a room that will be available that day. Feel free to take your fiber tools if you so desire. I'm thinking that taking a spindle and knitting is a good idea.

Directions to URI:
From the north, take I-95 South to Exit 9 (Route 4 South) in RHODE ISLAND, follow Route 4 to Route 1 South. Stay on Route 1 until the intersection of Route 138 West. Take a right onto Route 138 West which will bring you to the University.

From the south, take I-95 North to Exit 3A (Route 138 East). Continue east on Route 138 to the University.

Travel to Upper College Rd. Stop at the Information Center which will be on the right . The booth attendant will give you a parking pass and direct you to the closest parking lot next to Ranger Rd. There is handicapped parking in that area as well.

The collection is in Quinn Hall on the 3rd floor in Rm 306. There is an elevator that is handicapped accessible.

Food and beverages will be available at the Memorial Union across from Quinn Hall from 10-5pm. It was suggested that we should eat before 1pm so that we can enjoy the collection. A Walking Emporium near the parking lot is also open on Saturday.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Get Well Soon Wishes

The Guild has sent floral arrangements to Sue Dinola and Jean Lavoie, along with wishes for speedy recoveries. May their wheels be spinning and their needles clicking together again soon!

Monday, February 5, 2007

February 10th Guild Meeting At Sharon's House

Jean called me and asked to find another site for Sat. I volunteered. E-mail Cindy D or Judy for directions if you need them.

Give me any information you have on Spring activities or road trips for ourselves and the NHA newsletter.

Give your dues to anyone coming to the meeting so we can get caught up. (I am guilty
also!) ................Sharon

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Gilbert Stuart Old Mill Day

Greetings, Rhode Island Fiberists:

I received an e-mail from Peg O'Connor at the Gilbert Stuart Homestead inviting us to participate in their upcoming Old Mill Day on Sunday, May 6 - 1pm to 4pm. This is an updated version of their annual opening day which usually celebrated the annual herring run in the stream flowing through the property. This year's event celebration will focus on the newly renovated mill.

Last year's event was a lot of fun. Sandy Chatelle, Richard and I demonstrated spinning while Jan Doyle wove our yarn. The folks who stopped by were genuinely interested, asking questions about the crafts and we even had a knitting "clinic" when someone pulled out a project which needed a bit of help.

In addition to our demo there were tours of the grounds and buildings, vendors and a johnnycake concession.

That weekend most likely will also be the Maryland Sheep & Wool weekend so I know that some folks will want to go there, but if you aren't, please consider this opportunity to participate in this event, support this great organization and have some fiber fun!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Going forward.. let's energize!

After reading Renay's post, and her suggestion that we might want to have a workshop or something, I have been thinking about what I would like to see and do in a guild. Cindy used the word "energize". What simple, inexpensive thing can we do as a group, to generate some interest in our spinning and in our guild? Here's a thought.

Several of our members have fiber animals... sheep, llamas, alpacas, anyone have rabbits? Why don't we buy a pound or two of roving or fiber (raw or processed) from them, one at a time. Every member of the guild would be given an ounce or two of the same fiber with the instructions to spin it anyway they wished and produce a small product. We can give ourselves a time frame, a month or two. Then, we do it allover again with another type of fiber. Just a thought. We might even make a photo gallery of our finished products, online at the blog, so that we can all see them and use them for inspiration on a future project.

There is a wonderful new site called the Yarn Museum. Anyone can submit entries. It's a great place to go online to get spinning ideas. There are lots of "fun" yarns in the "Anything Goes" show, presently on display. Check it out.
Cindy, David, Renay and I have posted on the blog. If anyone is interested in writing something, please email me so that I can send you an authorship invitation. If you want me to post it for you, just write it in an email to me (ballandskein@yahoo.comt)and I will cut and paste it into the blog. Also, don't forget that you can always "comment" at the end of any post by simply clicking on the comment link. You will have to fill out a short form creating an identity the first time you use Blogger. It's easy.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Join R I Spinning Guild Discussion List at Yahoo

Greetings Spin Sisters and Brothers!!!

In an attempt to energize the guild Judy has created this blog for us. Thank you so much, Judy! She has attempted to notify many present and former members about this blog. Please share this blog address with members who may not yet be aware of it. Keep in mind that you can read past postings by scrolling down the page or clicking on the archives for much earlier postings.

You can comment on this posting or others by clicking on the comments link at the end of this posting. You will have to fill in some information ( certainly not your whole name or other personal info.) In short the comments link can provide us with a dialogue about guild issues.

I am attempting to energize the guild by encouraging members to join the Yahoo RISG online discussion list or listserv. I have sent out many invitations via email to enable members to join the list, but I have not received responses. If you wish to join you can go to now and click on Join This Group! You need to fill in some information. Don't feel you have to fill in any personal information.

I will be posting parking directions for the URI for the textile collection visit scheduled for March 10th 1-4pm as soon as I get them from Margaret Ordonez's secretary.

Message from Sharon:

Anyone interested in going to RISD this Sat. January 24th? They have an exhibit on textiles from Uzbekistan It should have nice ethnic designs. This is the FREE Saturday to view the collection. I will be at Jean's at 10:30 am then on to the Museum at 11. Let us know if you are going......Sharon

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's 2007 and time to send in dues! $15.00 per year. Please make the check payable to "Rhode Island Spinners Guild" and send it to Renay McLeish, 1026 Hill Rd., Pascoag, RI 02859. If you're not sure if you're paid up for 2007, drop me an email and I'd be happy to let you know.

We've built up some funds over the past couple of years - would anyone like to plan a workshop for the Guild?

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

1st Annual Coggeshall Wool Gathering Day

Just a thought for anyone interested in going to the meeting; the line up for the spring Sheep & Wool shows is pretty hectic in May.  Every weekend, beginning the last one in April (28th) until Memorial Day weekend, has a show if RI plans to take May 19th.  In the fall, the schedule is lighter.  VT has September 8-9, NY (Rhinebeck) Oct. 20-21st.  RI might have a better turnout, particularly vendors and exhibitors, if a show was planned for the fall.

Harriet sent this via email:

Sent: Monday, January 15, 2007 2:32:21 PM
Subject: Informational Meeting for 1st Annual Coggeshall Farm "Wool
Gathering" Day- We need you!

What- Meeting to Discuss the plans for our Wool Gathering and Sheep Shearing
Day to be held May 19th at Coggeshall Farm Museum.

Why- RI is the only state in New England that does not hold some type of
Wool event.. We will be having our annual sheep shearing event on this same

When- Meeting to be held Monday January 29th at 6 pm at Coggeshall Farm
Museum, Bristol RI..

1. How do we reach all the RI "fiber farms"?
RI sheep co-operative
Individual farms (have several alpaca farms expressing interest as
well as a goat)
2. What type of vendor would be appropriate?
a. sheep
b. camelids
c. Goats
d. Yarn/fiber
e. Weaving/Spinning (wheels, looms, tools and toys)
f. quilting
g. basket weaving
h. food vendor
i. other appropriate crafts--- what am i missing
j. music
3. Sheep to Shawl contest
? appropriate teams
? qualified judges
4. other contests
Hand spindles
knitty noddy winding.
5. demonstrations
??? what other
Resource pool---
previous event volunteers
new blood
What we need them for
set up
take down
ad hoc.
volunteer co ordinator

I realize that not everyone can make a meeting during the week (on a
winter's nite in january.). but if you can make it and are interested-
please let us know.. If you are interested and CAN NOT make it- or if you
have information that will assist us on any of the line items noted above-
also please let me know.. I am in the process of putting together a formal
"outreach sheet" that can be posted and shared - i will include you in on
the distribution.. I am really excited about this opportunity... I hope you
are too..

Contact info..

Linda Rhynard
cell phone- 401-258-7577
Farm phone- 401-253-9062 - Joe is the farm manager...

Monday, January 15, 2007

Well, gang, this is my first post ever. As I just emailed to Judy, isn't ironic that something as old as handspinning has led me to learn something so 21st century as blogging! Looking forward to the experience. Renay

January Meeting at Jean's

This is my first post - a sort of test into the new world of blogging! Thanks to Judy for introducing us into the world of 21st Century Communication.
The January meeting was held at Jean LaVoie's home. Those present were Beth, Marva, Marie, Richard, myself and, of course, Jean. (I think I "got" everybody). We were surprised by the attendance of a past guild member, Stan, and his friend Ernie. We should look forward to seeing them at future guild functions. Lively conversation, some spinning, some knitting and the required food moments occurred. Beth has volunteered to contact Harriet Eiter about learning the newsletter formats. The not-too-often-used guild library will eventually migrate to Richard's and my house in the next few months. Jean has offered to host the next (February) meeting. So, I am hoping to see you there!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

March meeting: URI Textile Collection & RISD Museum show

Hello Spin sisters and brothers....

....This week I was finally able to
get a date for our guild visit to the URI Textile collection. We will be
able to visit on Saturday,March 10th, from 1-4 pm. Mark your calendars accordingly.

For those of you interested in the exhibit at the RISD museum, it is a small exhibit of very beautiful contemporary ikats and embroidered cloths from Uzbekistan. You could easily see it on any Sunday during the "free" hours before 1pm. It doesn't take long. Sundays are a great time to get a parking space, too.
This is the blurb from the Museum's site describing the exhibit.

A Curator’s Tale of Uzbekistan

October 13-February 11, 2006

Curator of Costume + Textiles Madelyn Shaw and five others visited Uzbekistan in Spring 2006, a trip sponsored by the Institute for Trade and Development (Amherst, MA) and funded by the US State Department’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. The group spent a week in the historic city of Khiva — where two workshops are being developed as sustainable craft businesses — and passed another week in Bukhara, Samarkand and Tashkent. This exhibition presents contemporary textiles acquired by Shaw for RISD’s collection, including examples executed in traditional embroidery and ikat (tie-dye) techniques and a very modern evening gown designed by Nodira Subkhanova that uses a new but traditional silk ikat fabric. Also on display are photographs of their experiences taken by group members.