Monday, March 26, 2007

RI Wool And Fiber Festival Meeting March 26th

RI Wool and Fiber Festival Meeting
March 26, 2007
Coggeshall Farm Museum Office

1. Sign in
2. Updates from Chair
Flyer and vendor mailing- Linda R
Post card- Linda R
Vendors- Linda R

3. Action items:
For those groups who were going to meet between meetings - please be prepared to report out on your groups
Kids tent/activities- Joyce Barton, Chris, Polly and Sandy
Spinning/knitty noddy contest- Heidi
2nd Hand Fiber tool sale- Leslie and Lisa
Animal Health Issues rules and regs- Ann (to forward info to Linda R)
Rhody Warm- Polly?/Barbara
Cravero's- Quilting

4. What do people need for their components
a. # volunteers
b. supplies
c.What is the process?- linda
5. Concerns, questions

6. Next steps- what are the deliverables.

7. Comfirmation of next meeting dates


Contact Linda R for Excel Worksheet of things to do

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

April Meeting & RI wool and fiber festival

this note from Sandy regarding April's meeting:

Saturday, April 14 from 1-4 p.m.
Directions to Coventry Historical Society
From North
go 102 South through Coventry to four way intersection of 117 and 102. Bear right and immediate left.There
is an old Summit General sign on your right. Go around the bend and you'll see and old white church. The
guild sign will be in the lot.
From South
go 102 North through Coventry to the four way intersection of 117 and 102. Bear left and another immediate
left. Then follow the above.
You can follow 117 from Warwick as well into Coventry and keep going straight until you hit 102, then
cross over 102 and take immediate left.
Bring a goody to share. Tea and coffee will be there.
There will, also, be a swap table for anyone wishing to thin out their stash or add to it!
If anyone has any unwanted CD's, please bring them. We will be assembling spindles for the Coggeshall
fair. I will bring the grommets, dowels and hooks.
We would like to make as many as we can, so those at the fair, who are interested in making a small donation to the farm, may take them home with a little roving.

Meeting reminder and confirmation for RI wool and fiber festival committee for March 26th 7pm at the Coggeshall Farm Museum.
Meetings scheduled for March 26th at 7pm at the Coggeshall Farm Museum.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Under the weather

The Guild has sent Get Well Soon flowers to member Carole Finger and her beloved Max. We hope to see her at meetings again soon!

Friday, March 16, 2007

URI Textile Visit Was a Success

Last Saturday about 12 guild members enjoyed Margaret Ordonez's URI TextileTour. We began the visit with information about URI's textile program. Magaret told us about the conservation work that is done in her department and showed us samples of the work. Next we visited some of the classrooms which contained looms, fabric samples, and large quantities of textiles. The pictures say much more then I can about the wonderful examples of textiles from the 17th 18th and 19th centuries as well as the recent past. I welcome other members to post about their experiences.

Friday, March 9, 2007

URI Textile Tour Saturday March 10th Another Update

Hello all.....I spoke to Margaret Ordonez last night. She said along with touring the textile collection she will be showing us some special textiles. She suggested we bring a textile, yarn or fiber we might like to view under the microscope. I told her we would be there for 1pm.

Margaret also thought that there may *not *be a booth attendant at the Information center so find the closest parking lot next to Ranger Rd and walk to the Quinn Building, 3rd floor, Rm 306

We will also be able to knit or spin in a room that will be available that day. Feel free to take your fiber tools if you so desire.

Hope to see you there..................Cindy

Monday, March 5, 2007

Directions to Coggshall Farm Meeting 7pm March 5th

Here are the directions from Linda to Coggeshell Farm if you plan to attend the 7pm meeting tonight for the RI sheep and Wool Festival...Cindy

From Rt 195. Take the route 114 south exit towards Barrington.. Follow 114 south thru Barrington and Warren heading towards Bristol.(Main Street in Warren becomes Hope Street in Bristol). Key land marks for when you are getting close.... Major intersection with stores on left (Seabra market- Newport Bank-Dunkin donuts). Cont straight thru that traffic light con't on Rt 114 S . You will come to another traffic light at the entrance to Colt state park- Con't to go straight. The next traffic light is at Chestnut street. Cont to go Straight. A mile or less down the road you will see a sign for Coggeshall Farm on the Rt hand side of the road. Take this right- this is Poppasquash Rd. Follow the road around the harbor. Landmarks that you will pass...Bristol Marina/OSA Kayaks on left- con't around the bend.. Bristol Yacht Club will be on your left. Go slow as you con't down the road- you will see a break in the rock wall with a small sign that says Coggeshall Farm.. Drive down this lane (very dark) until you see the Farm house on the left- there is a large street light. There is a small parking area on the right.. Please make certain that the road is passible when you park- Cars use that road to get to Poppasquash Rd.