Monday, March 26, 2007

RI Wool And Fiber Festival Meeting March 26th

RI Wool and Fiber Festival Meeting
March 26, 2007
Coggeshall Farm Museum Office

1. Sign in
2. Updates from Chair
Flyer and vendor mailing- Linda R
Post card- Linda R
Vendors- Linda R

3. Action items:
For those groups who were going to meet between meetings - please be prepared to report out on your groups
Kids tent/activities- Joyce Barton, Chris, Polly and Sandy
Spinning/knitty noddy contest- Heidi
2nd Hand Fiber tool sale- Leslie and Lisa
Animal Health Issues rules and regs- Ann (to forward info to Linda R)
Rhody Warm- Polly?/Barbara
Cravero's- Quilting

4. What do people need for their components
a. # volunteers
b. supplies
c.What is the process?- linda
5. Concerns, questions

6. Next steps- what are the deliverables.

7. Comfirmation of next meeting dates


Contact Linda R for Excel Worksheet of things to do

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