Sunday, April 15, 2007

April Meeting Notes

Our thanks go to Sandy for arranging the meeting. I think everyone agreed that we had a good meeting and a wonderful afternoon.

For those of you who missed the meeting, here are Beth's notes:

Meeting RISGuild

April 14, 2007

1. Thank you to Sandy for finding meeting place

2. Treasurer report

a. 23 paid members (more added at meeting)

b. $1,+ in account

c. Pay Sandy for hall use

3. Newsletter will have paid through year on labels

a. Continue to run newsletter and blog site for 1 year. May phase out newsletter.

4. Marie working on hand out for events

a. She came in later in meeting and copies will be made to be used at events. To include internet info as well.

5. Heather’s sheep shearing is May 12 and we will have next meeting there

6. Guilbert Stuart spin demo is May 6 1-4 PM

7. Coggeshall farm is May 29 with lots to do

8. Privacy issues discussed in relation to blog and internet use. What is posted is open to the public so no last names and be respectful of privacy. No addresses etc.

9. Board was decided on for organization

a. Treasurer is Renay

b. Secretary/newsletter is Beth

c. Cindy D board member 1 year

d. Sandy C board member 2 years

e. Sharon S board member 3 years

Board members will be rotated yearly and term will be 3 years (calendar years start Jan 1 and end Dec 31). Business meetings shall be arranged as needed.

10. Fiber direction. Judy orchestrated a fiber challenge. We each received a bag a raw fleece from Barbara T’s. We have until Sept to prepare, spin and make something from the fiber. We should be able to share our techniques and thoughts on the fiber.

11. Meeting list

a. May 12th Watson farm shearing day

b. June 12th Coventry historical society

c. July 14th Casey Farm (may be able to sell products)

d. August 15-19th Washington County Fair

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