Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Spinning Podcast

I have discovered a wonderful podcast about spinning. The name is Yarnspinners Tales and can be downloaded directly into a file on your computer for your listening pleasure whenever you wish. You can also download the pod cast to an iPod and take it with you. There is also an accompanying blog.The host has a very soft soothing voice well suited to this medium. I find her very relaxing to listen to.

In some episodes the host will talk about different techniques including how to comb, card, wash and prepare fleece. There are dyeing episodes and a couple on cotton preparation.

Every month, she tries to have a “spin in” episode. In these episodes, you will learn about different sheep breeds, including their history of origin, how they became available in the United States and what part of the country they are most common to. She goes on to give information on the micron count, staple length, how they respond to combing and carding, and several other things. If you enjoy the technical side of spinning I think you will like this part of her pod cast the most.

It’s not necessary to start with the first episode. Sometimes there are stories about her life and the farm, or readings from a literary works from the 1800s. You do hear the spinning wheel in the background as she talks, which makes you feel right at home as you spin on yours, or move your needles along.

I also especially enjoy the open song “Spinning Wheel” by Clare Dowling, and the “Baa Baa Black Sheep” song by Wren Ross. Usually there is some other music as well.

I hope you check this enjoyable recording out when you have a moment. Debbie R.

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