Monday, January 15, 2007

January Meeting at Jean's

This is my first post - a sort of test into the new world of blogging! Thanks to Judy for introducing us into the world of 21st Century Communication.
The January meeting was held at Jean LaVoie's home. Those present were Beth, Marva, Marie, Richard, myself and, of course, Jean. (I think I "got" everybody). We were surprised by the attendance of a past guild member, Stan, and his friend Ernie. We should look forward to seeing them at future guild functions. Lively conversation, some spinning, some knitting and the required food moments occurred. Beth has volunteered to contact Harriet Eiter about learning the newsletter formats. The not-too-often-used guild library will eventually migrate to Richard's and my house in the next few months. Jean has offered to host the next (February) meeting. So, I am hoping to see you there!

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Rhode Island Spinning Guild said...

Thanks David. This is the kind of thing that blogs are particularly good at, constant updating. It is sort of an ongoing "newsletter".