Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Join R I Spinning Guild Discussion List at Yahoo

Greetings Spin Sisters and Brothers!!!

In an attempt to energize the guild Judy has created this blog for us. Thank you so much, Judy! She has attempted to notify many present and former members about this blog. Please share this blog address with members who may not yet be aware of it. Keep in mind that you can read past postings by scrolling down the page or clicking on the archives for much earlier postings.

You can comment on this posting or others by clicking on the comments link at the end of this posting. You will have to fill in some information ( certainly not your whole name or other personal info.) In short the comments link can provide us with a dialogue about guild issues.

I am attempting to energize the guild by encouraging members to join the Yahoo RISG online discussion list or listserv. I have sent out many invitations via email to enable members to join the list, but I have not received responses. If you wish to join you can go to now and click on Join This Group! You need to fill in some information. Don't feel you have to fill in any personal information.

I will be posting parking directions for the URI for the textile collection visit scheduled for March 10th 1-4pm as soon as I get them from Margaret Ordonez's secretary.

Message from Sharon:

Anyone interested in going to RISD this Sat. January 24th? They have an exhibit on textiles from Uzbekistan It should have nice ethnic designs. This is the FREE Saturday to view the collection. I will be at Jean's at 10:30 am then on to the Museum at 11. Let us know if you are going......Sharon

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Renay said...

Cindy, what's the plan for the March 10th meeting? Will Margaret or someone give us a guided tour of the textile collection, so that it is important that we show up on time? I understand the gallery space is small and parking may be a challenge. At the February guild meeting, we thought it might make sense to bring knitting or drop spindles to the Union or somewhere at the Emporium (if there is time after seeing the gallery). Wheels will likely be too cumbersome. This will be my first visit to the URI collection, and I think it will be fun. See you in March! Renay