Wednesday, January 17, 2007

1st Annual Coggeshall Wool Gathering Day

Just a thought for anyone interested in going to the meeting; the line up for the spring Sheep & Wool shows is pretty hectic in May.  Every weekend, beginning the last one in April (28th) until Memorial Day weekend, has a show if RI plans to take May 19th.  In the fall, the schedule is lighter.  VT has September 8-9, NY (Rhinebeck) Oct. 20-21st.  RI might have a better turnout, particularly vendors and exhibitors, if a show was planned for the fall.

Harriet sent this via email:

Sent: Monday, January 15, 2007 2:32:21 PM
Subject: Informational Meeting for 1st Annual Coggeshall Farm "Wool
Gathering" Day- We need you!

What- Meeting to Discuss the plans for our Wool Gathering and Sheep Shearing
Day to be held May 19th at Coggeshall Farm Museum.

Why- RI is the only state in New England that does not hold some type of
Wool event.. We will be having our annual sheep shearing event on this same

When- Meeting to be held Monday January 29th at 6 pm at Coggeshall Farm
Museum, Bristol RI..

1. How do we reach all the RI "fiber farms"?
RI sheep co-operative
Individual farms (have several alpaca farms expressing interest as
well as a goat)
2. What type of vendor would be appropriate?
a. sheep
b. camelids
c. Goats
d. Yarn/fiber
e. Weaving/Spinning (wheels, looms, tools and toys)
f. quilting
g. basket weaving
h. food vendor
i. other appropriate crafts--- what am i missing
j. music
3. Sheep to Shawl contest
? appropriate teams
? qualified judges
4. other contests
Hand spindles
knitty noddy winding.
5. demonstrations
??? what other
Resource pool---
previous event volunteers
new blood
What we need them for
set up
take down
ad hoc.
volunteer co ordinator

I realize that not everyone can make a meeting during the week (on a
winter's nite in january.). but if you can make it and are interested-
please let us know.. If you are interested and CAN NOT make it- or if you
have information that will assist us on any of the line items noted above-
also please let me know.. I am in the process of putting together a formal
"outreach sheet" that can be posted and shared - i will include you in on
the distribution.. I am really excited about this opportunity... I hope you
are too..

Contact info..

Linda Rhynard
cell phone- 401-258-7577
Farm phone- 401-253-9062 - Joe is the farm manager...

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